Meet the chef

Mamma Mia is an Italian Restaurant located in Pacific Beach, a hip beach town in San Diego. The dishes at Mamma Mia follow the traditional Mediterranean diet full of variety, both light and healthy, and complete with fresh vegetables, olive oil, meat, fish, and red wine.

The menu has perfect choices for events ranging from a great date night dinner, a quick meal with friends to a full Italian mouth-watering culinary celebration.

Executive Chef Cinzia

Cinzia Mezzetti is an exceptionally experienced Italian chef.

Chef and restaurant owner for 17 years, Cinzia from Milano has made Pacific Beach her home. Cinzia handpicks the best produce, meat, and seafood several times a week. She will never cease to amaze your palate with homemade recipes and the freshest ingredients.

Cinzia doesn't only make exquisite meals for a small party, but she is phenomenal when cooking for large parties. That’s why Family style option is available for most dishes.

Our speciality

At Mamma Mia, you will be delighted by the daily made gnocchi.

Part of the reason for these mouthwatering gnocchi is, believe it or not, the potatoes! Since American potatoes have more natural starch than in Italy, you need less flour to make the gnocchi. Therefore, you will find the best gnocchi not in Italy, but here at Mamma Mia!

Beside the gnocchi, Mamma Mia’s pizza is not only delicious but also light! In fact, you could be eating a great, Italian-style pizza with only under 800 calories (ask Cinzia or her staff for more information).

So come visit San Diego’s best Italian restaurant, you will not be disappointed! Perfect for all occasions: a family meal, a date night, or a celebration!


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